5 Tips to Maintaining Jewelry

Jewelry is an investment, and you should treat it as such. Your jewelry is a vital part of your appearance, and creates a polished look. It’s also an investment that can be passed down for generations. There are several different signs that can give jewelry away when it is in need of repair, but it’s much easier to prevent the problem with a little maintenance. Here are 5 tips that will help you maintain your jewelry and show off their polished look.

Do not wear your jewelry when playing sports.

Wearing jewelry while playing sports is not only a matter of fashion, but also a matter of safety. This is especially true in the case of expensive jewelry where the risk of accidental damage can be very high. Even if you wear the same jewelry every day, if you are going to be engaged in a sport that involves hitting, kicking, or otherwise putting your hands on the jewelry, and you wear it while playing, it may end up damaged.

Do not wear your jewelry in hot tubs, pools and the like.

When you take a dip in the hot tub, pool or sauna with your favorite ring, necklace or earrings, you’re subjecting them to scalding hot water. Unfortunately, this can cause discoloration, tarnish and in some cases, the gemstone itself may be damaged.

Do not wear your jewelry to bed.

Removing your jewelry before hitting the sack is a practice meant to prevent unnecessary damage to your watch or ring. You may think that wearing your jewelry to bed is a symbol of security, but without proper care, your precious pieces can be damaged from sweat and friction. Wear your jewelry until you get ready for bed and put it away safely.

Clean your jewelry regularly with a gentle jewelry cleaner to maintain their shine and sparkle.

Jewelry is a fine piece of art and can be delicate. You don’t want your diamonds to lose their luster or shine. Cleaning them regularly to remove dust and debris can prevent scratches, chipping and dulling. Over time, this dulling can cause diamonds to lose their sparkle. The best way to clean diamonds is to use the right products and methods such as one with a soft, non-abrasive compound that doesn’t scratch the surface. A quick wash with a gentle detergent will help clean the surface of your diamonds, as well as remove dust and grime. Gently polish your jewelry using a soft cloth. That way, your fine jewelry will last longer without tarnishing or damage.

Store your jewelry in a safe place that is cool and dry.

Safety is always your first priority when storing your jewelry. The ideal way to store your jewelry is to place it in a secure drawer, stack box, or its original box, as this will protect it from environmental conditions such as dust, dirt, and humidity. If left out, jewelry is susceptible to scratching, to picking up everyday dirt, dust, and debris and to the effects of moisture causing corrosion.


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